Opinion Submissions

At The Well News, we strive to foster more productive and informed conversations across party lines by providing our readers with compelling, unique reporting and opinions. We are always looking for new and thought-provoking writers who touch on the political, commercial and social events that are shaping our neighborhoods, our communities and our country. We’re interested in original and new takes on well-established viewpoints our readers will find relevant.


All op-eds and pitch submissions must be original and exclusive to The Well. Submissions can be any length, though they are less likely to be accepted if they are longer than 1000 words. Many factors may affect whether an opinion article is suitable for publication, such as relevance and timeliness. 

To submit an opinion piece, fill out the form below and an editor will review your submission and respond to you within three business days. If you do not hear back from us by then, it is safe to assume we will not be able to use your submission.